Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Nir Bergmann

Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English

Running Time: 100min
Production Year: 2015
Category: FILM

Like a “living thunderbolt”, the bold and nonconformist Yona Wallach stormed through Tel-Aviv’s male-dominated political and poetry circles in the 1960s. As played in a fearless performance by Naomi Levov, Yona struggled from the beginning to be recognized for her no-holds-barred, free-form style of poetry featuring explicit tales of sexuality.

Her poetry matched her life, a turbulent and fiercely high-pitched nightmare of intensity that led to a breakdown and time in a mental institution. Refusing to compromise even after release, Yona’s work eventually became recognized in the most prominent literary books and magazines of her time, and she was honored with the Israeli Prime Minister’s Literary Award in 1978.

Director Nir Bergman’s biopic vividly captures Yona’s highs, lows and her brave rebellion against a chauvinistic society with her unique voice. The film is fascinated by the formation of a legend, taken from us too soon. – Andres Castillo


Saturday October 24th @ 3:45pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER (THEATER 2) Add to Schedule

Sunday October 25th @ 12:00pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER (THEATER 2) Add to Schedule


Director: Nir Bergmann
Producer: Chilik Michaeli, Michael Eckelt, Tami Leon, Avraham Pirchi, Moshe Eder y and Leon Edery
Screenwriter: Dita Guery and Nir Bergman

Music: Avi Belleli
Cinematographer: Lutz Reitemeier
Editor: Ayala Bengad

Cast: Naomi Levov, Shalom Michaelashvili, Itamar Rothchild, Michael Moshonov

Nir Bergmann

Nir Bergman is from Haifa, Israel. He won the Ophir (Israel Academy Award) for his first feature, Broken Wings (2002), which also played at Miami International Film Festival. His sophomore effort, Intimate Grammar (2010), was featured in the 2011 Festival. Yona is his third feature film.