Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Paolo Sorrentino

Country: France, Italy, Switzerland, UK
Language: English, German, Spanish
Subtitles: English

Running Time: 118min
Production Year: 2015
Category: FILM

Lifetime friends and in-laws Fred Ballinger (Michael Caine), a retired orchestra conductor, and film director Mick Boyle (Harvey Keitel), meet at one of their favorite retreats – an elegant Swiss spa. Mick is focusing on his next film, which he intends as his magnum opus, while Fred fends off an offer from Queen Elizabeth II to accept knighthood. Crisis interrupts in two forms – Mick’s son Julian, married to Fred’s daughter Lena (Rachel Weisz), abruptly leaves Lena for a young pop starlet; and a prickly Hollywood diva (Jane Fonda) arrives to give Mick a brutally unsparing piece of her mind.

In Paolo Sorrentino’s newest Fellini-tinged masterpiece, the follow-up to his 2014 Oscar winning The Great Beauty, the Italian auteur orchestrates grand themes around life’s wisdom – the getting of it, the delusion of it. Youth isn’t wasted on the young, but Youth shows us that the pain of it is something we never really leave behind. – Jaie Laplante


Saturday October 24th @ 9:00pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER (THEATER 2) Add to Schedule


Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Producer: Nicola Giliano, Francesca Cima, Carlotta Calori
Screenwriter: Paolo Sorrentino

Music: David Lang
Cinematographer: Luca Bigazzi
Editor: Cristiano Travaglioli

Cast: Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano, Jane Fonda

Paolo Sorrentino

Paolo Sorrentino is from Naples, Italy. Considered among the top Italian filmmakers of his generation, his films have included One Man Up (2001), The Consequences of Love (2004), the Cannes-awarded Il Divo (2008), and the Oscar-winning The Great Beauty (2013). He is currently in production on his first television series, “The Young Pope”, for HBO and Canal+.